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CABI 3.2 (BOE XI 3.1 SP3) Connection Server failed

Question asked by TomZ on May 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 17, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi -

I just installed Clarity 12.1 and also installed CABI 3.2 (BOE XI 3.1 SP3). The install seemed to go ok however when I'm in the Central Management Console I see one of the servers (Connection Server) has a state of failed. I've rebooted the host, restarted the Connection server, disabled/enabled, and even deleted and recreated that server with the same result. The error message I receive is:
This server is considered failed because it has stopped 5 time(s) in 60 minute(s).

CA support's suggestion was to run a packet sniffer because they're suspecting a firewall issue, which is not very helpful. This BOE environment is on one server and there is no firewall between the server and the Oracle DB.

Any suggestions (beyond packet sniffing) would be appreciated.