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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on May 18, 2011
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I have to look at enabling 2 Phase Commit for CA-IDMS using RRS. It is important that - at the beginning - existing batch and CICS programs function the same way as they do at the moment with no RRS.
Batch appears to be pretty straightforward because special calls are needed to register as a UOW plus ENABLE_RSS=ON needs to be specified in the SYSIDMS file. Until I change the default.
With CICS I have to review and set the CICSOPT parameters which seems to be a bit more complex. If all our CICS transactions were straightforward "single run unit with no Commits" transactions then it is easy.
We have a variety of "exotic" transactions which may have multiple run units. They may or may not issue Commits in 1 or more of those run units. The multiple run units can be parallel or sequential or combinations of the two.
As DBA I have always strongly "advised" programmers never to have more than 1 update run unit per transaction. However that advice has been regularly ignored and we already have possible scenarios of inconsistency with abended CICS transactions. These blatantly wrong but productive transactions have to continue to "work" in the same way without too much fuss. I have 3 questions:
1) Has anybody else turned on RSS and gone through the same process?
2) Of those sites (if any) what CICSOPT parms have you used?
3) Of those sites what problems/bugs have you encountered?
For those who always kick off a reply with "What Release?", it is R17.0 SP1 plus APARS up to end of April 2011. Z/OS 1.11. Unitasking with z/IIP turned on. No ADS or DC Cobol. Only Batch/CICS/ODBC. No DDS and all nodes on the same LPAR. Each CICS only talks to one CV directly. Some run units in some transactions are routed to another CV by IDMS Nodes but CICS and Batch doesn't know that .
Chris Trayler, IXD