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MSP automatically changing task lengths issue

Question asked by Kieren.McKenna on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2011 by Kieren.McKenna
I have an issue that I am hoping the wider Clarity community may be able to assist me with. As a company we are using Clarity in conjunction with Microsoft Project to plan our projects, however we have hit the following issue.

I create a task in Clarity for 2 weeks duration.
I then assign a team member to this task - now lets assume our team members are set up with 30 hrs a week availability (6hrs a day)
Clarity sets the ETC for the team member to 60 hrs
All good so far
I then know that this task is actually only 12 hrs work but the team member will not be working full time so I change the ETC to be 12 hrs but leave the duration of the task to still be 60hr i.e. the team member is working at 20% over the two weeks to get the task done.

When I now open this project in MSP then before I get a chance to do anything MSP reschedules the task to be just 2 days in duration and sets the Units to be 100% for the resource ignoring the dates I have set in Clarity.

Is there anyway around this. In effect I am asking if I can stop MSP automatically performing this calculation or if it must calculate then it sets the Units rather than changing the start and end dates of tasks.

Any advice appreciated. I have raised this as a support case with CA but thought to ask here to see if others have experienced this issue. We have a workaround in that you always create tasks and set the units in MSP first but this is open to error if someone creates the tasks in Clarity first.

Many Thanks