Has anyone implemented pass-through authentication via Tomcat?

Discussion created by LoriHagewood on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 27, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
At our company we use both Clarity (12.0.3) and CA Service Desk. Our SErvice Desk tool is using pass-through authentication with LDAP and IIS, yet we don't have anything implemented for Clarity. We don't have any in-house SSO solution either.

I have obtained some instructions from a Service Desk forum (http://www.servicedeskusers.com/Single_Sign-on) on how you can enable this via Tomcat, though it's not specific to Clarity of course.

My question is, has anyone figured out a way to allow pass-through authentication in Clarity without using a 3rd party tool? The instructions on the link above seem like they might work, but the Tomcat folder structure is different in a Clarity implementation than in Service Desk and I can't figure out where to extract the .jar file on our development system.

Any thoughts or ideas is welcome! My users would LOVE to not have to re-key their AD credentials when logging into Clarity!