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Using Clarity in an Agile environment

Question asked by paul.reid on Jun 1, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2011 by AJP_BNE
Is anyone supporting an Agile environment with Clarity? We'd like to improve the way we support our Agile teams.

We deployed Clarity with basic financials to allow us to forecast our projects, leaning on actuals and ETC’s to give a picture of the total spend of a project at any point through its life. We have a number of different development teams using various forms of Agile and so far we have been able to keep them happy with a simple task structure and allowing forecasting at the resource or role level.

Our challenge is that we recently deployed to a group who uses a more strict agile methodology, but do not use CA’s Agile Vision. We have them reluctantly working with the same structure as our other groups, but we’re hoping to find a better way to support agile processes while maintaining what is working well for many areas.