Timeout Issues - Portlets & Data Export

Discussion created by DanielSGHE on Jun 2, 2011
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We've been having an upswell lately of reports of timeouts occuring for users when opening certain portlets and also when exporting (large - 15k rows) data to Excel. I located the below issue that is reportedly fixed in 12.1 but wanted to see if anyone knew of any Clarity data limits that may be in place when it comes to loading views or exporting data to Excel.

We are currently on 12.0.6 generic 015. We have a multi-server environment with 3 app servers, 2 bg servers and an F5 load balancer. I've also inquired internally to our F5 expert as to any timeout settings that may be set on the load balancer but any info specific to Clarity is appreciated!

CLRT-54995 (S2) - Export to Excel (Data Only) is dramatically slower after upgrade from 8.1.1 to 12.0.5
Customer used to frequently export 50,000+ projects to Excel from the project list page in less than 5 minutes. Their load balancer has a connection timeout of 5 minutes, so their requests get cancelled.

Under V12.0 SP 5, bypassing the load balancer the customer can see that now they’re seeing export to excel take 13-14 minutes to export 19,000 projects (only 4-5 stock fields).
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Export a large number of projects (around 50,000) from the project list page to Excel at 8.1.1 and time how long it takes
2. Upgrade the dataset from 8.1.1 to 12.0.5
3. Export the same number of projects from the project list page to Excel and time how long it takes
Expected: Both exports (8.1.1 and 12.0.5) should take roughly the same amount of time
Actual: Export to Excel (Data Only) at 12.0.5 is dramatically slower