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Post Timesheets Job 'Fails' with DBConnectionException

Question asked by JP_Thompson on Jun 2, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2011 by Jitendra_Taunk
HI Everyone,

I am hoping that the CA Community can help me out with this issue. Over the last several months, sporadically, the Post Timesheets Job has failed due to a DBConnectionException issue. We are currently running CA Clarity 12 version and Oracle

I have done a massive amount of on-line research into this and have not really gotten anywhere with a fix. I have a couple of questions that with answers, may help lead me in the right direction, here they are;

[*]If a resource has SQLTRACE_ACTIVE=10 set in the cmn_sec_users table, would this potentially interfere with Job processing?
[*]If we do not 'Flush' our Systems Caches each day, would this impact performance or jobs?
[*]Our Systems Caches IDs pmdDtatementSets & pmdSatements are set to '15' for initial capacity and LRU 'False', yet are running at sizes of 7208 & 5382 respectively, is this normal and would/does this impact performance as well?

When our Post Timesheet job fails we have to re-run our jobs and this takes time to do, especially during the daytime business hours so any help with this would be great. Thanks