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Process - Attribute Validation Step Help

Question asked by alex.sinclair on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by alex.sinclair
Hi all

We have developed a process to convert Ideas into Projects and copy across extra key data which isn't copied with the out of the box functionality.

On our Idea object, we have a number of attributes which cannot be mandatory (as not always known at beginning of Idea stage) but must be populated upon firing the process (for a number of reasons, such as mandatory on the Project object)

Therefore we are trying to add an extra validation step, to check for NULLs on the key Idea attributes - and are stuck!

Approach at present is to use the post-conditions of the Validate Attributes step to dictate where next to go in the process. However it's not immediately obvious how to achieve the IS NULL or IS NOT NULL syntax when using the condition builder

for example

( idea.thisIdea.visa_idea_bc != 'NULL')


( idea.thisIdea.visa_idea_bc != "NULL")

are not working.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks