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[Processes] Use of system action : Baseline project

Question asked by Gaerel_F on Jun 7, 2011
Latest reply on May 22, 2013 by vitor.sakaguti

I'm trying to create a process to "freeze" projects on demand.

Basic steps will be : [list]
[*]Create a baseline of project to store current state
[*]Set the ETC to 0 to free resources capacity
[*]Close the project to time entry to avoid more actuals

My problem is with the "baseline" step.

There's a system action (in process editor) called "Baseline project"
Fields are

[list][*]Project Id : can't be set, process use current project.
[*]Code : Baseline code, set to "GEL" ("freeze" in french) in my case. It seems not to be a calculated field, so value is fixed.
[*]Name : Baseline name, set to "GEL" in my case
[*]Description : ... and so on...
[*]New Revision : Yes, I want to create new one
[*]Make Current Revision : Yes, why not.

Process is created, when I start it (it finish without error message) I have the following problems :
On first run : a baseline is created but no data is stored... Etc value which was 22 is set to 0 in the baseline, no "date" datas are set (start, finish, etc.)

On second try : It can't do the second baseline cause "Code" field is a primary key and I'm trying to make a duplicate key....

Why my baseline is empty ?
How to avoid duplicate key ? Is there a way to create a "dynamic" code such as "GEL_YYYY_MM_DD" with the current date for example

Thanks for help.