The IUA's Presence on the Web

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 10, 2011
Over the past year, the IUA board has been investigating the use of the IUA/EIUA community space at as a replacement for the IUASSN.ORG website. We weighed the pros and cons of such a move and looked at technology, cost, and use and usability in arriving at a decision.

Let me share with you some of the factors we looked at as we worked toward consensus.

1. Technology
a. The IUASSN.ORG website, while state of the art at its inception is out of date and no longer easy to maintain. Pushing new content to this site is difficult at best. In order to keep the site, it would be necessary to hire a professional designer/developer to create and maintain the site.
b. The IUA/EIUA communities site is built on the new social collaboration model. We are fully supported technically by a group of developers who have proven to be responsive to our needs. During the testing of this site, we found the site able to fulfill all the needs of the IUA community. Upgrades to the latest version of Life Ray, the platform upon which our community is built, are provided by the CA technical community support team. As this social collaboration platform evolves, we will be able to incorporate into our community those facilities which we find enhance the user experience.

2. Cost
a. The redesign and deployment of the IUASSN.ORG site would cost the IUA up to several thousand dollars in startup costs plus the ongoing monthly fee to host the site by our ISP.
b. Use of the IUA/EIUA community is free of charge to the IUA. This includes unlimited space and usage.

[u]3. Use and usability
a. There are no restrictions on who can join the IUA/EIUA community, thereby creating no limitations in membership.
b. We are CA-sponsored but IUA-controlled. The IUA controls all content within the community.
c. The IUA board and community can now concentrate on content rather than site maintenance.
d. We, as an independent organization, are able to carry the IUA "brand" into the new environment. Each user community is free to customize their pages, displaying their community logo, photos and other forms of "corporate branding". This creates a unique, familiar web presence in the context of the communities environment.
e. All user contributed library information, including Connections, has been migrated to the new site and is now accessible and downloadable.

Weighing all the above, there are clear cost and functionality benefits to our community in making this change. After parallel use of the existing IUA web presence and the new IUA/EIUA Community web presence, and after much discussion, the Board reached a unanimous decision to retire IUASSN.ORG and move that functionality to our community within

The IUASSN.ORG site will remain available until June 30, 2011. Please take some time to logon to the community at IUA/EIUA User Community and verify that you can gain access.
[*]For those of you who already have a support signon, it will work within the communities space.
[*]If you don't have a signon, you can easily create one.
[*]Once you've got your signon, you may join the IUA/EIUA community.
[*]Again, you do not need to hold a license for IDMS to create a signon and join the community.
A few final notes
1. We will be retaining ownership of the IUASSN.ORG and .COM URL's.
2.IUA/EIUA User Community Welcome is the direct link to our community. To logon, simply click the login button on the upper right corner of the site.
3. If you have any problems accessing the communities site, you are welcome to contact Gary Cherlet [color=#0627FF]<mailto:[u]
>[color] or myself [color=#0627FF]<>[color] , as we are both community administrators; however, if the problem is in the creation of a logon to the community as a whole, CA will need to be engaged as they own site security administration.

Moving to a state-of-the-art environment, technologically upgraded and maintained at no cost and sponsored at no cost to the IUA/EIUA, while still allowing us to control the environment gives us the opportunity to concentrate on what matters; continuing to build community and in doing so, supporting one another in the most effective manner.

Linda J. Casey
International Chair