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Discussion created by florian.bruckner on Jun 10, 2011
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Hello everybody,

for some years now I am working as a consultant and trainer with CA Wily Introscope.

From time to time I get asked by students or clients for inspiration when they are starting to design dashboards. I do have some dashboards in a personal gallery, where most of them are from CA presentations that are floating around, some of them are my own (though I rarely get to the point where I really have a nice dashboard) and some of them are "stolen" from webcasts. But this gallery is rather limited in size and scope. Therefore, I thought I could ask the community if there is any interest in building a gallery of nice, creative or innovative dashboards (in the form of screenshots). If each member of this community contributed one dashboard, possibly not only the screenshot but also with a short description, we could build a comprehensive gallery that can serve as inspiration for others.

So - let me ask two questions:

1.) What do you think about such a dashboard gallery? Do you think you could benefit from this?
2.) Do you have something to contribute to a dashboard gallery? This gallery should be public in this community, so you first should make sure you have the necessary permission from your employer or client.

I volunteer to collect all these dashboards into a single PPT or PDF, should there be some contributions from you.

Best regards,