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Gathering JMX metrics without an app server

Question asked by JohnGregg on Jun 13, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by oscar.atienza
Hi all,

My application is a mix of wars deployed in WebLogic and standalone Coherence cache nodes (not in WebLogic.) I want Wily to record Coherence JMX metrics. I can't get Wily to see the JMX metrics for the standalone nodes. Initially I had Coherence configured to replicate all metrics across all nodes. In other words, if I had 10 nodes in my cluster, I could see JMX metrics for all 10 of them under any 1 of them. As you can imagine, this produced a high explosion in the volume of metrics. What I really want is for the Coherence metrics to "stay home." that is, I want to look in Wily and see Coherence JMS metrics for node 1 under node 1, for node 2 under node 2, etc. I know how to stop Coherence from replicated its metrics all over the place, but I don't know how to get Wily to see the metrics in the standalone (non-WebLogic) nodes. In fact, I don't have any JMX node at all in the investigator. Here is my configuration:
This works great for WebLogic and the Coherence metrics that are in it. (The web apps in WebLogic are Coherence clients, so there are Coherence metrics in WL, too.)

I've also tried but it didn't help. Like I said, I see no JMX metrics collected by Wily at all on the Coherence standalone nodes. I know there are metrics collected in those JVMs because I can see them with JConsole.

Here is the relevant part of my startup script so you can see what I mean by "standalone" node:
java <a bunch of params> -classpath <classpath>
I need to know what Wily expects in order to collect metrics from that node. The Agent is deployed and configured; I just can't see JMX metrics.