limiting concurrent task threads by group

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 14, 2011
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We are a UCF shop, and have long used the CICS TCLASS values to limit the number of concurrent ADS tasks for each production CV.
This of course does not work for web tasks that do not come through CICS. We have started using "maximum concurrent threads" on the task definition statement to limit these tasks. Each task code is limited individually, which works fine if you have only a few web task codes. But even low limits start to add up as the number of web task codes increases.
One or more web task codes are assigned to each web application for monitoring, tuning, and billing purposes. We would like to be able to limit the total number of concurrent web tasks for each web application. For example, allow WEBTSK01 through WEBTSK10 to have a concurrent group limit of 5, while WEBTSK11 through WEBTSK20 have a concurrent group limit of 20. This would mimic the CICS TCLASS feature of assigning multiple task codes to a single TCLASS.
Any ideas?
Kay Rozeboom