External Signon and Securing Internal Resources

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 15, 2011
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We are a UCF/CICS environment, but I've worked in other corporations that were full IDMS-DC. When dealing with an external Security package (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF, etc.) to handle passwords & access, a distinction must be made between a production user in a production environment and various types of systems & developer users in the production as well as the development environments. An external Security interface would probably work fairly well for the "standard" production user that only needs a signon interface to execute pre-implemented application code. However, a DBA (application support or system admin type user) would need to have IDD signon security, discrete DCMT security, as well as other task-level security implemented, which can only be handled within the IDMS-DB/DC dictionaries and catalogs. An additional consideration should also take into account that developers need to access the IDD when developing MAPs & work records, so there would need to be discrete IDD security implemented as well.
I hope I didn't muddy the waters & confuse issues by stating a case why I had implemented differing degrees of IDMS internal security as well as using our external security interface (Top Secret & CICS) to administer signon security access..............Al
Alan R. Dicken