Issues with a custom clarity report

Discussion created by FloGoya on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi! I am working with custom crystal reports that works as expected in a test environment. From crystal we set the parameter to be a pulldown list with all the names of the projects. When we run this report from Infoview, it works ok. We pick the name of the project from a list, and the report with all the information regarding that project is shown.

We have now uploaded this report to the customer DEV environment. But the problem is that when we run the report from Infoview, we cannot pick the project from a list. We need to type it. I can't make any modifications in this environment because customer does not have Crystal Report installed, and I am not allowed to install a Crystal Report on the server.

My main concern is that I cannot make the parameter to be a pulldown on Clarity and I think it is because I don't see the pulldown list on the Infoview of this environment. I don't want the users to type the value, I would like to prevent any mistakes by having the users picking up the value from a list.

I would like to know if anybody have experienced something like this before, and how to fix this. I don't know why the same parameter is displayed in different ways between this two environments that works with the same version of BO.

I'm working with Business Objects XI 3.1