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Enabling Automatic signon vs Explicit

Question asked by Earl.Nicholson on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2011 by Gary_Cherlet
Good morning.

I'm starting to get more into the world of IDMS administration and recently one of our Security guys made a request. Currently on our IDMS 17 system, we run an update job against the CVs to vary the areas into update. This job iniates a SIGNON task with a batch acid. Security wants to require that all batch IDs have an associated password. Last time they turned this policy on, it did not go well for IDMS. Our batch id, Operator, does not have an associated password.

Would turning on Automatic Signon default to the ID of the update job?

Can I just assign a password to Operator from within IDMS. (would adding the password to the user sys_group in each CV do the trick?)

I see documentation on Explicit Signon (executing the Signon task or linking to RHDCSNON) and Default Signon (#SECRTT macro) but haven't hit anything on Automatic Signon.

Hope this brief description makes sense. Thanks in advance for the help.

- Earl N.