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Project cannot be deleted because there has been time entered against it

Question asked by jcopersi on Jun 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by picis
Looking for some assistance on this one. I have searched the message boards with no luck.


Project in Production is missing key data that can no longer be updated. Someone created a manual project in Oracle which was then sent over to Clarity via a XOG job. Right now, the data missing is the Sales Order line number which is currently set to null. We are trying to find out the best way to resolve this. So far our solution is to delete the project, and then update the Oracle tables with the correct data. Then, let the XOG job create a 'new' clarity project as if it was never incorrect. We want to keep the Oracle and Clarity databases in sync. The problem is, since the sales order line is null, our Oracle DB does not accept NULL values into the table in which we are importing for financials. The simple solution is to go into the table and just set the null value to undefined, but that will mess up any data integrity for the project.

Apparently the system was setup before I took over as the Clarity Admin and an option was configured to only allow the Sales order line to be updated once. Is it possible to change this so I can edit the sales order line in the Clarity tool? That would be easiest.
Or, why can't I delete the project? We had time entered against it, but I have since gone in and adjusted the time sheet to enter 0 hours for the project instead of the value that was there. Clarity still thinks that the project has time entered against it. I do not want to delete the time period because it will have an affect on any other existing projects, which we want to avoid.

I have been working with this in the TEST environment, after I replicated the problem from production. So far we cannot delete the project and need to find a way to fix the sales order line. Ideas?