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Memory flush issue with XOG file reading process

Question asked by daniele.f on Jun 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Dave
I have a XOG custom script that load projects from .CSV files; this script works correctly when I upload the files one bye one.
When I load more than one .CVS files at a time, the process load the content of a previous file that I have already uploaded.
For example:
I load three different files at the same time (in differents windows):




in log reports I can check that the files are correctly selected:

Log of PROJECT_001.CSV loading:


Input file: D:\Interface\IN\PROJECT_001.CSV

File exist


Log of PROJECT_002.CSV loading:


Input file: D:\Interface\IN\PROJECT_002.CSV

File exist


Log of PROJECT_003.CSV loading:


Input file: D:\Interface\IN\PROJECT_003.CSV

File exist


When I open the project loaded from the file PROJECT_003.CSV the content is the same of the content of project 001 (or in other tests of project 002).
If I load the same files one by one the projects content is correct.

I think the problem is the cache memory that keep an old file content and the CA system not properly flush the memory.
I've tried two different solution;

1) run a file loader process one at time using XOG script;

2) I've put at the top of the first process loader step a XOG code to flush memory:

<FlushCache xmlns="">

Both solutions don't works.
Tell me if you need more information or code.