CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Enhanced App-Access Logs in 12.1.0

Discussion created by Shawn_Moore Employee on Jun 22, 2011
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CA Clarity Tuesday Tip by Shawn Moore, Sr. Principal Support Engineer for 6/22/2011

As of 12.1.0 on Apache Tomcat environments, we now use an "enhanced" app-access log format. This format provides additional fields and formats the data in a pipe-delimited manner. This makes importing these logs into a spreadsheet or database easy.

The new format is as follows:

IP address of requester|
DateTime of the completed request|
URL request|
HTTP Status Code|
Bytes sent back to the client (excluding the header)|
Elapsed time of the request (in ms, can be subtracted from the DateTime to get the request startTime)|
Clarity sessionId cookie (a distinct way to group requests, can be tied back to the sessions tables in Clarity to find the user)

Here's an example.|[18/Apr/2011:16:45:37 -0700]|POST /niku/app?action=nmc.cancelJob HTTP/1.1|302|-|1360|9676430__6dfa03ed:12f6affbe58:-80001303170235992

From this entry, we can see that from ip address, a Post action for the nmc.cancelJob was received by the server. It came from session 9676430 and took 1.36 seconds.

This new format can be useful in finding actions that take a long time to complete as well as tracking what users were doing at a particular time in the application.

You can find the app-access logs under the Clarity \logs directory. They have the format, app-access-yyyy-mm-dd.log. i.e. app-access-2011-04-18.log