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Removing Other Work or Applications from a Timesheet

Question asked by Kieren.McKenna on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2011 by sundar

can anyone tell me how to remove a particula5r Investment in 'Other Work' or an 'Application' from a resource timesheet view for future timesheets when that resource has got 'Actuals' against the item.

e.g. Let's say I created an Other Work Investment called Support and assigned 4 resources to it.
In Week 1 resource A commits actual time against the Investment
In week 6 I decide that I don't want it to appear on resource A's timesheet anymore for weeks 7 and onwards

How do I do this

I have tried changing the progress to 'Complete' and also changing the schedule date to be in the past but it still appears when they choose Add Other Time.
I cannot remove them from the Investment because they have 'Actuals' recorded.