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Issue with Calculated field

Question asked by Jitendra_Taunk on Jun 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by DaniPerez
I am facing an issue when using a calculated attribute based on a string attribute having maximum size of more than 20 chars.
I created a string attribute and set its max size to 2000 (i am sure the issue will happen even if the size is set to 21)
Then I created a calculated attribute based on the above string attribute using the concat function.
on the input screen I populate the string attribute with more than 20 chars and save. Everything gets saved and the page comes back with the concatenated string showing on the screen equal to the length of the string entered.
After this I again add a few characters to the same string attribute and try to save it, the screen shows an error message "Value too large" and the calculated attribute actually becomes editable, allowing me to change the size from whatever number of characters are shown to 20 or less. Once I reduce the number of chars, I am able to save the form and the screen again comes back with the concatenated value equal to the value shown in the string attribute.
NOTE that I dont have to change the string attributes length but the concatenated attribute's length needs to be reduced.
I have attached the screenshot for the error too.

Has anyone faced a similar issue with Calculated attributes based on string attribute?
Am I hitting a known bug?

I just want to get an insight before I open a case with CA Support.