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Timesheet and chargecode validity

Question asked by ORAMEL on Jun 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2011 by ORAMEL
in our system, we are using the following functionality :
we receive from the accounting system a list of chargecode. for each chargecode, we have the information about the start date and end date. it's validity range when costs can be charged on this chargecode.
Project manager can choose on a list a chargecode (if it is valid) and link it to his project.
After that, with use the standard functionality in order add chargecode at task level.
we have an automatic process which send each month the labor cost for each chargecode to accounting system by using transaction created by Clarity
but when the chargecode is no more valid, the cost is rejected.

My problem is : how to give the information at timesheet level that the chargecode in no more valid ? the end date is in the past.

My first idea was to add through a process (by using xog) the information at task level, and display this information in the timesheet. But unfortunately, I can not find one attribute which can be updated by XOG and which appears in the timesheet.
1/ if i want to use task id or short name or open for time entry flag, I can not update these attribute by xog, short name and open for time entry are not available in the xog, and update the task id create a new task and not update the task which already exist.
2/ if I want to use a custom attribute at task level, this attribute not appear in the timesheet when i select the task.