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Error While Creating Cost Plan

Question asked by Sankhadeep_DC on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by mansriva
We noticed that when we try to create cost plans from resource plan and specifically when we select 'Staff Plan Copy Option' as Copy from Resource Assignments, we get the warning message
One or more resources in the staff plan is not financially enabled. Do you want to proceed? Click Yes to create a financial plan with only the valid staff plan data. Click No to cancel the process.
and if we click OK, the following error shows up in the GUI:
Index: 2, Size: 2
This occurs for all projects even if all the projects and the team members are financially enabled and the tasks have charge codes filled in. This is our 8.1 system.

I tried the same steps in our 12.1 dev system and it shows the error message
REVMGR-01027:Cannot copy staff plan because data is missing. Make sure the investment is staffed, all tasks have a charge code, and staff is financially enabled.

I do not see any issue with the data in the project.

Has anyone faced a similar issue?