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Filter not working, Document upload not working - Sporadic

Question asked by sh123 on Jun 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by navzjoshi00
Browser Version IE8, Clarity Version 12.0.0

Issues are :
1) Filter not working for Project/Program/Incident list view when logged in for the first time. Entered a filter value in the list view of Project/Program/Incident and nothing happens when clicked on Filter button for the first time. But clicking again on the filter button displays the correct result. This is happening only in one environment (prod environment) and only once in a day when user logs in for the first time. Not all ,only few users have this issue but all of us have use the same browser version with same browser settings.
2) User is Project Manager and also Collaboration Manager for a project, but unable to upload documents and is getting System timed out error when trying to upload documents. But another user with same access rights and is also a collaboration manager is able to upload the documents.

Please help if any one has solution, or anything related to settings.