NV_INVESTMENT_ALLOCS_FLAT table is generating more archival logs

Discussion created by sundar on Jun 29, 2011
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we are now monitoring our clarity db since there is an increase in the size of our daily archival logs.we found that INV_INVESTMENT_ALLOCS_FLAT table (This table stores hierarchical data that is, flattened allocations) is the top in DML operations (UPDATE/DELETE and INSERT operations) so more archival logs are generated.I hope there are 2 OOB jobs which uses this table frequently.

Investment Allocation (It is scheduled to run once every day at night.

Update Hierarchy Data (Earlier it is scheduled to run every 10 minutes now it is scheduled to run every 1 hour)

Have any body faced this issue.If so how you have addressed.

clarity version:- 12.0.6
db: oracle