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Setting Timesheet Status with SQL

Question asked by joni.campos on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2011 by Owen_R

We need to set the Timesheet status using an SQL Stored Procedure.

We select a lista of timesheet of the resources that is part ot the project team for an especific projet manager.

Using this list the Manager selects the timesheets to Approve and submitts the list to a routine that sets the Timesheet Status ( PRTIMESHEET.PRSTATUS) to 3. This will be an HTML Portlet that calls an .NET page to do the JOB.

Our tests shows that this is the only action we have to take. Is there another table that could affect the setting of the Timesheet Status ?

Using the Timesheets - Approve All access right is not an option since All Managers gets this right. Using the Out-of-box Timesheet Project Manager Approval workflow is not an option since we don´t want the Project Manager to deal with the timesheet using the Action Itens. The timesheets must be approved in batch.

All this could be done easly if the timesheet portlet had an Project Manager and Project Code Filter.