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Alternate for removing the Application Auto Manager and Idea Auto Manager

Question asked by shalinee.chauhan on Jul 11, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by another_martink
hi All,

As there is know product defect in Clarity" If a user who is having the creator license for Application Auto manager and Idea Auto manager as instance type rights and all the investments related to idea and application are no longer available in System where the user were acting as Project manager then still it is not releasing the license count as well as intsnace auto manager right will not remove from Clarity Resource->Istance access Grants."

CA Says, it's know bug and try to remove the user name before mark for deletion to that investment but in case of no to that for your older data, I have tried to run a sql to find out all the instances for aspecific resource where investment are no longer in sytem and then ran a delete statement for a specific table for these select statement record but it not working....I am doing this with CMN_SEC_ASSGND_OBJ_PERM

Is there any way to take care of the system just to keep the control of Creator license usuage.

Shalinee Chauhan