CA Tuesday Tip: (CA ESP)  Best Practice For Upgrade

Discussion created by Lucy_zhang Employee on Jul 12, 2011
CA Tuesday Tip by Lucy Zhang, Principal Support Engineer

We recommend
- Install the new version in a new SMPE CSI;
- Read the chapter about upgrade on “Release notes” and “Installation and Configuration Guide”, and take actions as needed;
Note: If jump any versions in between, above manuals for them should also be included.
- For first restart after upgrade, if no IPL on the system, then start CA Workload Automation EE (formerly ESP) with parm=RELOAD, this is also needed if need to back out to the old version ;
Note: Z/OS system may ignore the “parm=RELOAD” on console command, so it’s better to add it to the STC Proc.
- Master and proxies should always be at same level (including version and maintenance);
-Check download center on support online, for hyper fixes GA'd AFTER the new version, and apply them to avoid big problem.

- Actions have been taken as the chapter about upgrade on “Release notes” and “Installation and Configuration Guide”;
- LINKLST or STEPLIB used for the STC Proc is updated;
- Loadlib may need to be APFed;
- Logon Proc or CLIST for users to access the system is updated;
- Initialization parm tables may need to be updated as information from “Release notes”;
- Any customized code in old system should be bring over to the new one, like:
1. User exit;
2. CSF and/or Application monitor extensions;

Examples for actions to take
- As page 11 of “Release notes” for r11.3:
Prevent Error Message after Backing Out the Upgrade
If you back out the r11.3 upgrade of CA Workload Automation EE and enter CSF, you will see the error message, "Unsupported variable" on the top line of the CSF panel and, "Variable name RSTMGR is not supported" at the bottom of the panel. You can prevent these error messages.
To prevent the CSF error message after backing out the upgrade
1. Exit CA Workload Automation EE.
2. Rename or delete the ISPPROF profile member ESPCSFA.
3. Re-enter CA Workload Automation EE and CSF.
ESPCSFA is rebuilt. When a message indicates that the format of ESPCSFA is complete, you can use CSF.

- As from page 2 of “Release notes” for r5.5:
Note: Some comments are added based on support questions.
1.4. Allocating the new JOBSTATS data set
Note: And you should add JOBSTATS in ESP init parm;
1.5. Increasing the size of the checkpoint data sets
Note: This means you will need to COLD start ESP to reformat the new checkpoint file;
1.6. Increasing APPLFILE size for procedure caching or new TEMPPROC feature
Note: you need to run CYBESUT3 for this purpose, see Programmer's Guide for more detail;
1.7. The SCHDFILE data set is now optional
1.8. SECURE is now the default in SCHDFILE
Note: this is different from the default setting on ESP r5.4, so you may want to specify NOSECURE explicitly;
1.9. Updating user exits
1.10. Reinstalling the REXX exec for the TR line command