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Action Item Description with dynamically read project id?

Question asked by tchard on Jul 13, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by sivasairam
I have created a custom process in Clarity and I need to reuse it for many different projects. In some of the associated action items' Description fields I need to provide a link to a particular project page. So instead of hard-coding the "project id" in URLs in many separate versions of the process as follows...
See the document at http://corp-clarity/niku/app?action=dms.ProjectsFileManager&type=Projects&id=5007467 ,

I would like to retrieve the "project id" from the database and use it in the URL, something like this...
See the document at http://corp-clarity/niku/app?action=dms.ProjectsFileManager&type=Projects&id=${thisProject.prid} .
Unfortunately this results in id=[Error:thisProject.prid - Attribute 'prid' not found] . I have verified that "prid" is the attribute name in the database. And I can retrieve similar data. For example,...
${thisProject.pruid} returns inv_investments5007467 rather than 5007467 which was expected from prid.

Any suggestions for how I can get this to function as desired?