NSQL lookup Tasks in a Portfolio

Discussion created by vivianfulk-tiaa-cref on Jul 14, 2011
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Hi all,

I thought I had it but have run into a snag.

I created an attribute on the Task object called tc_portfolio_project_link and populate it with the task.prprojectid via a process. I attached to it an nsql lookup as below with Hidden Key = project_id.

SELECT @SELECT:c.invest_id:project_id@,,,
@SELECT:inv.code:project_code@,||' - '||inv.code:portfolio_project@
FROM pma_portfolios p,
pma_portfolio_contents c,
inv_investments inv

AND = c.portfolio_id
AND = c.invest_id
AND p.is_active = 1

On the Task List portlet, I made the the lookup a multi-value select lookup which the users like.

Once I select the Portfolio/Project combo from the lookup browse window, it returns the combo list back to the filter lookup window correctly. Once I press the filter button, the resulting tasks associated with the portfolio/project combo they selected returns to the grid correct.

BUT then (!) the lookup browse windowlet (not sure what to call it - the multi-valued select little window associated with lookup) has ADDITIONAL Portfolio/Project combos other than those the user selected. It has gone out and retrieved OTHER portfolios where the project is also associated and they only want to see the ones selected.

Any ideas how I can fix this? I have run sqltrace and I am stumped. Maybe this will not work.

Thanks for any help!

Vivian Fulk