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SYSTRK Change Tracking, Vary Area Retrieval Permanent, DBEZ-Reorg Process

Question asked by Gary_Cherlet on Jul 16, 2011
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We are planning on using SYSTRK Change Tracking system in conjunction with DCMT VARY AREA RETRIEVAL PERMANENT to change our CV start-up procedure and to accommodate the DBEZ-Reorg process. One option is to setup a shutdown autotask which issues the DCMT command so that the DBEZ-Reorg area will come up in retrieval on the next CV start-up. DBEZ-Reorg requires the DBEZSTRT task to be executed after a quiesce (or soft quiesce) but before there are any updates to the area after the quiesce.

Our current process involves writing the DBEZSTRT journal checkpoint record, relative to other steps in the maintenance procedure.
There is a STAMP=YES/NO option for DBEZRFWD (Roll forward) - which if NO is specified will allow the DBEZRFWD to proceed. (STAMP=NO is no longer allowed)

For 24x7 sites, do you have an automated process to run the DBEZSTRT task and how do you avoid running the task a 2nd time if there is an unscheduled CV shutdown, e.g. CV abend. If a 2nd DBEZSTRT task gets executed the DBEZRFWD program will abort.

Our proposed DBEZ-Reog process:

* Areas being maintained are Varied RETRIEVAL PERMANENT
* DBEZSTRT is invoked as a user task to mark a "quiesce point" for DBEZ processing
* "Normal" database processing occurs concurrent with database maintenance
* When database maintenance is completed the "catch up" phase occurs - the application of all journal records from the point of the DBEZSTRT
checkpoint to the last archived Journal file
* Areas being maintained are put into RETRIEVAL (with Vary Permanent)
* IDMS journals varied to get the archive "last journal" for "Roll Forward" DBEZRFWD - this file is applied to the maintained database
* At the CV Cycle the old and new (newly maintained databases) database files are "Swapped"
* Maintained database areas (now under the CV) are started and remain in RETRIEVAL due to Permanent option in earlier step
* Maintained areas are switched to UPDATE with Permanent option

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