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How to delete Resource - Manager (Auto) right from the instance right

Question asked by abhishekricky on Jul 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by abhishekricky
Dear All,

I created one Resource A and other 13 resources.
All 13 resources have the resource manager as 'A'.
For all it showing as Resource-Manager(Auto) right in instance right and in the instance right of the 'A' Resource-Manager(Auto) right is present in that all 13 resources are present.

Now I created new resource B and changed all 13 resource manager as B.

But the issue is, in Resource A's instace right Resource-Manager(Auto) right is exist with all 13 resources because of this after changing the Resource manager as B.

But in all 13 resources have the Resource subpage with the Resource-Manager(Auto) right of 'A'.
Resource B is not updating.

So Dear all , please tell how to delete all 13 resources from the A.

Abhishek Jain