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How do you guys handle an off-site Disaster Recovery plan?

Question asked by Alex_Feldstein on Jul 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2011 by another_martink
I am working on setting up an off-site copy for disaster recovery.

Our Clarity (v 12.0.5) using SQL Server and Actuate 9 is rather simple, consisting of one production app server (Windows Server) and a separate database box (SQL Server).

Our company has a computer center in a different city which makes it perfect for establishing a Disaster Recovery copy.

The database replication is already taken care of by the DBA support team. My question here entirely relates to the app server for Clarity. For the sake of transparency I will comment here that being afraid of making a mess we actually copied our local Development server to the remote location as a proof of concept. We would like to run DEV remotely from the Disaster Recovery location for a few days to see how things behave, before we do this in Production.

We cloned the local copy this weekend (after turning Clarity services off for the clone). Now I have a copy that we can transfer and install in a prepared VM in the remote location.

Before we proceed to the next step (setup and use) I'd like to get some best practices advice from people that have already done this.

We understand we should never have both boxes on in the same Domain (LAN) at the same time, as both talk to the same database which will make a mess. Avoiding data corruption is obviously highest in our priorities.

The new remote app server now has a copy of the local server. It has not been made part of the domain and turned on yet until we understand the ramifications.

The remote machine (virtual) has a separate IP Address, machine name and subnet, being in another city, but the copy it received is a clone of the local box so internally Clarity will think it has the same name and IP Address as the local box. How do we resolve this? What kind of issues will I find? I can turn NSA on and adjust everything I need there before we use it. For this test we plan to use the remote box with the local database as the database replication is not at issue in this test).

Any insight appreciated.