CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Timesheet Notifications

Discussion created by Shawn_Moore Employee on Jul 19, 2011
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Title: CA Clarity Tuesday Tip: Timesheet Notifications

CA Clarity Tuesday Tip by Shawn Moore, Sr. Principal Support Engineer for 7/19/2011

A great thanks to Josh Leone and Taunya Moore (big sister) for helping with the tips over the last few weeks while I was on vacation.

Today, I'd like to share some recent research and documentation on Timesheet Notifications.

Timesheet notifications are driven by timesheet specific code, so the behaviors that initiate a notification will be different compared to other items (i.e. ideas, process based notifications, etc.)

The following are the conditions which cause a notification (email) to be generated.

1) If a person with approver rights returns a timesheet, Clarity will send a notification that the timesheet has been returned to person who submitted it. A notification will NOT go out if the person who returns the timesheet is the same person who submitted it.

2) For each person who has approval rights to the resource owning the timesheet, a notification will go out to them to approve the timesheet once it has been submitted.

3) A notification can be sent to a resource if explicitly notified(using the checkbox or button within the timesheet ui). Only pre-submitted timesheets can have notifications sent for them. Also this notification will only be generated by a user who has approval rights over the resource being notified. (note: if a person selects a user to notify explicitly, but does not have approval rights, the following error will be shown in the ui: TMA-0103: One or more notifications not sent. You can only send notifications for unsubmitted timesheets belonging to resources you have approval rights over.)

Processes can generate notifications, but each process definition should be inspected for the specific steps that would initiate a notification.

Some points to keep in mind are that mass "spamming" of timesheet notifications is typically caused by assigning a global timesheet approve right to one or more resources. If condition #2 above is met, then every resource who submits a timesheet would generate a separate notification. If such right is added to a group it can be tricky to find out where the rights assignment is coming from. Alway check your groups!