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Actuals Being Ignored in Calculations in Past EVM Reporting Periods

Question asked by McGoey on Jul 19, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Clarity only allows the creation of EVM Reporting periods from the present
forward through the UI. In order to create an EVM Reporting period in the
past, in this case May 2011, we followed the instructions found in TEC468117
and created the period in the database. It displayed as a period in the list
of EVM Reporting periods in the UI. Using the traditional method for posting
time I opened the time periods in May, posted time for a resource on a task
on a project and approved the timesheet. I then manually ran the following

1) Post Timesheets
2) Post Transactions to Financials
3) Import Financials
4) Post to WIP

The Rate Matrix Extraction job runs nightly, and this resource was already
assigned to the task I am using on the project I am using.

The Actuals for this resource appear correctly in the approved Cost Plan,
Budget and schedule. In this case it is $8,723 (resource rate of $54.52 *
160 posted May hours). There are no other actuals for May, labor or non
labor. I ran a new baseline on the project and updated the earned value. I
set the As Of Date to 5/31/2011 in an attempt to isolate May when reconciling
my EVM numbers. I expected the ACWP to be $8,723, but instead it is $160.00.
It appears as though the 160 hours of actuals were successfully entered
into the database but the EVM, specifically the ACWP, calculation is not
applying the 160 hours times the resource rate, but rather times 1.0. Why?
I know I can successfully create past EVM reporting periods through the
database, but if the calculations ignore the data within those past periods I
cannot do EVM as my organization intends.