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How to remove/rearrange 'required' fields from 'Project Create' view?

Question asked by jeff.christensen on Jul 20, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by another_martink
Certain OOTB attributes seem to be 'locked' into the Project Create view. i.e., Start Date, Finish Date, % Complete Calculation, Page Layout, etc.

The business wants to set defaults for these and suppress them from view since our users are welcome to create projects on their own (i.e., project creation is not reserved to the PMO lead). As a fallback, it would be acceptable to move these required fields to a new section called "Default Settings."

None of my efforts to set defaults, remove from view or reposition to a different section have succeeded.

Any advice on how to satisfy this requirement (or persuade the business to change the requirement?)