CA Tech Exchange SaaS Issue:Looking for people to review technical articles

Discussion created by danma10 Employee on Jul 25, 2011
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We are looking for people to provide reviews of articles written by CA Technologies technical experts for the next issue of the CA Technology Exchange. The theme for the November issue of CATX is Software as a Service (SaaS). Our aim for this issue is to present different perspectives on this broad topic, and to this end we have a diverse range of articles ready for review, from the technical side of the proposition to the broader overview.

Our review process is simple:
• Please respond to catx@ca.com that you would like to review an article – usually 6000 words or so.
• A member of our Editorial team will contact you and send a Word file to review, along with a checklist and guidelines to help with your review.
• We would appreciate your review comments back within 3 weeks or before August 31.
• Please send your comments back in the file provided to the person who provided them to you.
• To preserve the integrity of the review process, your name will not be made available to the author.

About the CA Technology Exchange
The goal of the CA Technology Exchange is to publish articles of enduring value to the discipline of managing enterprise information technology, written by CA Technologies technical experts. The Exchange is about ideas, innovations, and the principles of enterprise management. You will not see descriptions of CA Technologies product features like you would in marketing literature, but you will see discussions of the principles and characteristics of enterprise IT management that cut across products from all vendors.

Like an academic or scientific journal, the articles in the Exchange are subjected to external reviews to maintain high quality standards. Unlike an academic journal, our authors tend to be active developers and engineers. We honor practical, hands on experience as much as academic rigor. Our hope is for a broad spectrum of opinion and expertise that honors both academic research and hands on experience. We hope to be topical without chasing after articles filled with the latest buzz words.