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Fetching User in SingleStepApproval

Question asked by Gaurav_jain12 on Aug 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by Gaurav_jain12
Hi All,  I am using ca Identity manager r12 and have a requirement in which after approval I have to check whether the user already exists or not on the basis of the firstname and lastname attributes entered at the time of creation means first I need to get firstname and lastname entered into the form and then find those user's who has the same attribute values.How I can access these attributes in SingleStepApproval process? I have triedIMEvent event = workflowContext.getEvent();User user = ((UserEvent)event).getUser();user.getAttribute("%FIRST_NAME%");  But I am getting ClassCastException saying that can't convert Taskevent into UserEvent.  Is there any other way of doing the same? Is it possible to get the user attributes and using "UserProvider"  ThanksGaurav Jain