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Move Users of a Rol to other in IDM

Question asked by santunez on Mar 19, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2011 by tom_bailey
Hello Community   I have three clients with CA Identity Manager r12 CR09, and need to move the roles of users as they move from department.    In the companies there are policies associated with roles, where users are moved from department the current role is delete and loads the new role.    The problem is that when you make the change of department, the user is deleted from Active Directory to remove the rol the newly created when it is assigned the new role, but in eliminating lost their credentials, settings, password, etc..    My question is whether you can move the user, or when it is moved between departments, removing the role and assign the new role, but if it be deleted from Active Directory to maintain their credentials.    There must be a development (Exit Program) for performing the function of moving the user?.    Thanks for your help and comments    Sebastian Antunez  Santiago Chile