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Maintenance Policy Setup

Question asked by MFahler on Jun 11, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2009 by MFahler
I'm interested in setting up some maintenance policies.   Its possible it won't work in the situations I'm trying to complete, but the two scenarios I'm trying to work with are:  Scenario 1:   The root of an application is unprotected.   There is a single jsp page in the root folder that requires denial of access from an external source.   I've attempted to create an explicit denial of access to the page with a redirect to an appropriate page, but it doesn't seem to pick it up.   The root context is defined as unprotected.   The rule explicitly notes that the specific page is a deny access on any get/put/or post to that specific page.   A redirect is set up with an On Auth Reject redirect.    Scenario 2:   The root of an application is protected with an  anonymous auth scheme.   We are trying to create a maintenance policy so we can turn it on when the site is down for maintenance.   I've created a secondary rule that denies access to the root of the application that is applied in  a secondary policy.   The policy explicitly states that all IP addresses are blocked when active.  I just can't get either one to work properly.   I think it might be a function of the unprotected or anonymous auth schemes.   Any thoughts?