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Regarding Java SiteMinder APIs

Question asked by Jasleen on Jul 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2009 by Yoda
Hi ,I want to connect to the Policy Server using Java SiteMinder SDKs.  My code is   AgentAPI agentAPI = new AgentAPI(); ServerDef serverDef = new ServerDef();serverDef.  serverIpAddress = "" ; serverDef. connectionMin = 0;serverDef.  connectionMax = 3; serverDef. connectionStep = 0;  serverDef. timeout = 80;  serverDef. authorizationPort = 44442; serverDef. authenticationPort = 44442;  serverDef. accountingPort = 44442;  InitDef initDef = new InitDef( "agentName" , "secret" , false ,serverDef);   agentAPI.init(initDef);  The problem is that i want to create Agent 5.x in policy server , but in the constructor of InitDef   and many other places it asks for the "secret" and there is no secret in "Agent 5.x". plz help.  Thanks in Advance