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Change login redirect hostname

Question asked by sal on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2009 by sal
Hi-  I've done siteminder admin on and on for several years now (on now) and running into whats probably a basic/simple config issue.  I'm using siteminder v12 and managed to configure it and an IIS server on a remote machine correctly.   That is, if I attempt to access a protected resource, i get redirected and after login can access the page.  The configuration quesiton is that, right now when I access the protected resource, the webagent seems to redirect me back to the fully qualified hostname of the machine.   I'd like it to redirect to a hostname of my choice.  THat is, suppose the content hostname is   and the alias is  The only way it works is if i access a protected resource using   by typing in redirects to  I'd like to access it as   to get redirected to  I've tried almost all the agent conf parameters and restarted the IIS server after each change...I'm probably missing something....any help would be appreciated.    thanks,  -sal