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Is there a web form cache or web page cache setting?

Question asked by raquetman on Dec 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by Patrick-Dussault
Hi all,  We have siteminder config running on our mainframe IBM Z/OS operating system and it is working fine, with just one issue.  One of our web applications has cgi scripts that post form data to db2 tables, etc., and reads the tables to pull in field values from those tables, too.What we believe is happenin  is that siteminder is caching the web pages or forms and not giving the user the updated data in the web pages.  We checked the browser options and it is already set to "every vist to the page", which means that the browser will give a new web page every time the user goes there.  Is there a cache setting or any config setting for siteminder that will stop this behavior?  Help!