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Siteminder 5.5 installation on Solaris 10: Minimum OS level not installed.

Question asked by Anvarsadat on Dec 9, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2009 by Josh_Perlmutter
Dear All,  I am trying to installed Siteminder 5.5 on Sun Solaris 10 machine but it failed with below error message:sminder@ised1 [home/sminder/installer/nete-ps-5.5-SP1-sol-install] > ./nete-ps-install  Minimum OS level not installed.  Exiting on failure. See smps-5.5-install.log18040 for details.
sminder@ised1 [home/sminder/installer/nete-ps-5.5-SP1-sol-install] >It seems I need to installe some patches on my Solaris 10 but I could not find any such information in the installation guide.  Thanks,Qumar