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Siteminder and WebSphere

Question asked by sherm4470 on Feb 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2010 by allen.deklerk
I am new to Siteminder.   We currently use Siteminder to log into our company websites consisting of applications running on WebSphere Application Server 6.1. We have 3 IBM HTTP Servers that we use for load balancing our sites.   We have Siteminder Web Agents installed on our Web Servers. When a user logs into a site, they are given a Siteminder session cookie that allows them to browse to other company sites without having to login again.  My main question is whether this is usually how companies utilize Siteminder. I was asked the other day by our development team whether it was possible to configure Siteminder directly on the WAS machines and whether that can even be done. In other words, what are the benefits of installing the WebAgents on the WebServers vs on the actual Application Servers?What would be different about how Siteminder interacts with WebSphere if we didn't involve the HTTP Servers?  Again, I apologize, but I'm new to Siteminder and in the process of figuring out how it works.  Can Siteminder and WebSphere work together so that an LTPA token is created upon user login?  Our websites utilize WebSphere Portal and its Web Content Mgmt application to display content to users. Can Siteminder capture user credentials and pass them to a third party like WebSphere Lotus Content Manager?  Thank you for any feedback.