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I am not sure which Certificates to install at the consumer side, need help

Question asked by mario.dsouza on Mar 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by Julien_Nitot
Hi everyone, again[left] I'l make this short with a brief Background[left]  I have[left] - Both producer and consumer side under a protected with Site Minder Federated environment.[left] - Producer side is already configured , up and running, working for clients (consumer)[left] Issue:[left] Now a new consumer has been introduced / added to the setup[left] - affiliate being used in the communication is updated with correct Issuer and Consumer url[left] But    I am not sure what certificates are to be imported or added or created at the Consumer side.[left] Firstly I am not sure if there are a standard set of certificates that MUST be installed?[left] Second, Should they be imported from the Policy Server using the smkeytool   tool ? or[left] or added or created  at the policy server.[left] Will, me creating a new certificate help? ( in which case will there be any impact of the existing certificates?)[left] Third, in this case, is it a Must to have new generated certificates for the newly added consumer (client)?[left] Any pointers, help, directions or even the slightest one liners will help and I do certainly appreciate the time taken[left] Thank you,[left] -Mario[left]