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SiteMinder SSO with JBoss 6

Question asked by ca.portal.admin on Apr 12, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2010 by Keats
Hi,I would like to get some help with the following use case :When the user logs in Windows, he is automatically authentified through a request sent to a IIS server (NTLM protocol) protected by SiteMinder.Then the user opens a browser and goes to portal where there is a link to a web application that i am currently working on.That web app is developped in Java EE. The application server is JBoss 6.  What we know is that a session cookie contains the variable SMSESSION which authenticated the user to SiteMinder.  The question is:how do you use it in a Web app running under JBoss 6 ? Is there any LoginModule for instance ? Do we need JAAS ?Thanks for any feedback.