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CA Access Control 12.5 availability for download

Question asked by Michele_Paci on Nov 17, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2009 by Reatesh
Hello,I'm trying to download CA Access Control as a CA partner from the Download Center.I have downloaded the DVD-CA Access Control r12.5 Server Components for Windows.  Following the Access Control implementation guide I assume to find the possibility to install CA Access Control Enterprise Management expanding the components folder in Product Explorer.  But, when I expand this folder, i find only the Endpoint management software.  There is a problem with the update of the DVDs available for the download?  Searching in the DVDs that I have downloaded I'm not able to find the UNAB software.  All the DVDs that I have downloaded are indicated as 12.5 release, but looking into them it's seems to me not really updated at this release.  It's really the 12.5 release?  Any thought or suggestion?  Many thanks in advance.