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Terminating Multi-level Box Jobs with box_terminator and job_terminator

Question asked by JRomeo on May 18, 2009
Latest reply on May 19, 2009 by Antony_Askew
Hi:  I have an AutoSys box job that contains some regular jobs and other boxes, each of which contains regular (non)box jobs. It looks like this...  OUTSIDE_BOX   - OUTSIDE_JOB1   - OUTSIDE_JOB2  - INSIDE_BOX1
      - INSIDE_BOX1_JOB1
      - INSIDE_BOX1_JOB2      - INSIDE_BOX2
      - INSIDE_BOX2_JOB1
      - INSIDE_BOX2_JOB2           - INSIDE_BOX3
      - INSIDE_BOX3_JOB1
      - INSIDE_BOX3_JOB2        I'm having trouble using the box_terminator and job_terminator parameters in the JIL definition. If any job within this structure fails, I want the entire structure to fail. So, if INSIDE_BOX1_JOB1 fails, its immediate box fails (and the jobs it contains), this failure then causes OUTSIDE_BOX and all its contents to fail.  Parameters box_terminator and job_terminator work as expected for only one level of boxes. But this structure contains two box levels: OUTSIDE_BOX --> INSIDE_BOX --> jobs. Does anyone know how to accommodate this? Thanks.  JRomeo