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Cross Platform dependencies between Autosys R11 and R4.51

Question asked by jaime on Jun 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2009 by SuzetteP
I am having trouble getting cross platform dependencies to work in my environment. Autosys R4.51 (OXE)  on AIX 5.3 and Autosys R11 SP2 (ACE) on Windows 2003. I have applied patch RO03790 to my R4.51 system and RO03825 to my R11 system and still have the problems. I have saved a config.EXTERNAL file on both systems. The file on the ACE system contains "OXE:EventServer=autosysp" and the one on the OXE system contains "ACE:EventServer=autop". On the R11 system, I have built an "xinst" called OXE with jil as follows  insert_xinst: OXE  xtype: a  xmachine: austin\:5282 (5282 is the agent communication port. I have also tried 4444, the rcs port).     It seems like from R4.51 to R11 might be half working because because when I have a job in the OXE system (4.51) conditioned on a job in the ACE system (11), I noticed in the ACE log when the job finished it tried to send the status to OXE but wasn't getting a response back from OXE. I get a number of errors:  CAUAJM_E_40261 Could not send a change_status to instance: OXE  CAUAJM_E_100002   Unable to retrieve connection information for instance ACE     Am I missing something in my setup?     Thanks in advance.  Jim